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1. My Trusted Chiropractor for more than 20 years

Created: Jan 27 2017 - Laura Falk -
5 Star Review

I have been a patient of Dr. Ken Zylker for over 20 years. I have always received excellent treatment from him. I greatly value his expert care. He has always been able to accommodate me when I've needed to come in between my regularly scheduled appointments.

2. Permanent Help for Sciatica

Created: Jan 27 2017 - Bill Cottrell -
5 Star Review

When my wife's chiropractor passed away in Walnut Creek about 20 years ago, we followed his spouse-office-helper to Dr. Zylker were she became employed as office assistant. My wife had suffered with terribly painful sciatica for some time...and though temporarily helped at that previous doctor, continued to get worse. Doctor Ken Zylker, unlike any previous experiences, uses a table that pivots up and down at the hip area while using his unique manipulations on the back. My wife felt better immediately, and following her SECOND TREATMENT was COMPLETELY CURED - and never had the sciatic troubles again! It seemed unbelievable such marvelous treatment was possible, but I personally certify this as absolute truth. You may contact me through Dr Zylker for confirmation. To prevent my own back problems as I grow older, I use his services monthly, and have nothing but praise for his expert work. Bill C.

3. Gentle Care

Created: Jan 25 2017 - Paul Ward -
5 Star Review

Dr Zylker has been treating me on a regular basis for 10+ years. Prior to treatment I had neck stiffness and pain as well as periodic lower back pain, which I associate with years of desk and computer work. Dr Zylker's expert knowledge and gentle adjustments helped to alleviate the pain and restore a more normal range of motion in my neck and back. I credit his care with improving my quality of life.

4. When in Pain Dr. Zylker has come to my rescue.

Created: Mar 9 2017 - Harold Whitmore -
5 Star Review

I have known Dr. Zylker for many years. He's been able to accommodate my needs at times on very short notice. His treatment (adjustments) have done the trick each and every time! He takes the time to listen and has a great understanding of my unique n

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