About US

30 years of providing chiropractic care.

I, Dr. Kenneth J. Zylker grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, am a father to two daughters and a grandfather twice. Graduated with my doctorate in Chiropractic at Life West College in the East Bay. Prior to this I graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Physical Education. Also had a Scholarship for soccer at San Jose State U. Went on to participate in Olympic Trials in soccer. Played Semi-Pro soccer in the San Jose region. I have been in practice in the Pleasant Hill, CA area for approximately 30 years treating all kinds of injuries for children through seniors.


How I gravitated towards Chiropractic was first and foremost being heavy into Physical Activity with all my background was a big factor to pick a natural healing art. I was taking a course in career developing and through this course found out that my skills directed me to look into Dentistry or Chiropractic. My brother had been over for dinner one night and was telling me that his Chiropractor felt he should pursue the Chiropractic Profession.


He was already an Accountant and was satisfied with his Profession. But the fact that I just found out I should become a Chiropractor and my brother telling me this and all my background in health was like this was meant to be. So I called up his Chiropractor who was the founder of Life Chiropractic West and set up an appointment with him. When I had my meeting with him it was a no brainer- this is where I was meant to be. So with a wife and two children at the age of 29 I decided to make a career change and I am so glad that I did. I love what I do, helping people get well and stay well.


My technique is a very gentle one. In fact all my patients say that they were looking forward to their treatment because they feel so much better when they leave, call today for a free consultation.


Dr. Kenneth J. Zylker